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custom made high end cabinet
custom made high end cabinet
custom made high end cabinet
This custom made high end cabinet was designed and handcrafted by Earl Nesbitt. The cabinet is made from wenge, quilted maple and glass. The 17” deep upper cabinet has two doors with glass shelves behind. The 20” deep lower cabinets each have four quilted maple doors in front with interior adjustable shelves, and three wenge drawers, a pull-out tray, and a wenge door on both ends. This unique cabinet was specifically designed to have an amazing look as well as to accommodate a large amount of storage in a limited space. The look is enhanced with a continuous 4” gap between each cabinet and custom made metal feet. Dimensions: 104” x 20” x 85” tall. Original design with hand carved signature by Earl Nesbitt. We sell Earl's fine art furniture exclusively online through this website and at juried shows throughout the United States. Our studio is open by appointment only. Call for hours. We ship Earl's custom made fine art furniture worldwide. Call or email for a quote on your own custom made high end cabinet.

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Earl Nesbitt opens upper cabinet door of custom made high end cabinet
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Earl with mesquite slabs for a dining table
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