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live edge bed showing highly figured curly maple headboard
live edge bed with matching live edge side table and shown without slats
These live edge beds were designed and handcrafted by Earl Nesbitt. Both are made from solid wood and have highly figured curly maple headboards. The first bed shown was designed so that the clients could read comfortably while sitting in bed. The second bed is shown without slats. The beds have alder legs with mesquite sides and footboards. The mesquite boards on both bed frames have a live edge. One bed is shown with a matching mesquite accent table. Each has a hand rubbed tung oil based finish. Original design with hand carved signature by Earl Nesbitt. Earl has been designing and building custom made furniture professionally for more than 30 years.

This is what the Missouri clients said about the first live edge bed shown: “Our bed is my favorite piece of furniture, and not just because we’re new parents and always short on sleep. We worked with Earl to come up with the design. It was a fun process, and our input combined with his creativity and expertise led to a gorgeous custom made piece that fits our needs perfectly. We started by picking the wood, looking through samples of dozens of different kinds to find the right textures and colors. My favorite is the mesquite, with its intricate grain and rich reddish color, and the natural-shaped edges that look just a little bit rustic. My wife Erin likes a more “polished” look, and the curly maple of the headboard is both classic and beautiful. The stained alder of the legs provides a perfect transition between the two, somehow highlighting both and bringing them into balance by being understated. Next, Earl led us through the sculptural-architectural aspect of designing fine furniture. First the functionality: I’m tall and can’t stand a footboard that keeps me from fully stretching out with my feet over the end of the bed. So Earl measured our new mattress and designed a frame with a low footboard. The big mesquite planks of the frame look and feel substantial all the way around, really highlighting the beauty of the wood, but I’ve never once banged my toe. Erin likes to read in bed, so Earl designed a solid headboard shaped and angled like the back of a chair – lumbar support and all. It is tall with a rounded top, giving it a traditional look and a size that really showcases the rippling grain of the wood. The substantial legs are rounded at the top, mirroring the shape of the headboard and again balancing the visual tension between the refined, classic look of the maple headboard and the luxury-rustic feel of the mesquite frame. It all comes together as a piece of functional art that is rightfully the centerpiece of our bedroom: sturdy and balanced, polished and comfortable, sculpted to show off the natural beauty of the wood. And most of all inviting, can I take a nap now?”

We sell Earl's fine art furniture exclusively online through this website and at juried shows throughout the United States. Our studio is open by appointment only. Call for hours. We ship Earl's custom made furniture worldwide.

Call (505-592-9265) to buy a custom made live edge bed designed and handcrafted by Earl.

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Earl at table saw ripping slats for custom made chairs
Earl drilling mortises for custom made chairs
Earl placing pulls on custom made cabinets
Earl installing custom made cabinets
Earl installing curved drawer for custom made art deco cabinet
curved laminates and full size mock up for custom made art deco cabinet
Earl rough sanding mesquite slabs for custom made live edge dining table
Earl drawing notch for glass on mesquite slabs for custom made live edge dining table
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