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handmade wood dining room chair
This handmade wood dining room chair was designed and handcrafted by Earl Nesbitt. The chair was designed to be very comfortable to sit in and offers great back support. The frame is solid walnut with a solid ash seat. Ash bent laminate slats. Hand fit mortise and tenon joinery throughout. Hand rubbed tung oil based finish. Dimensions: 19” x 22” x 52 1/2” tall. Original design with hand carved signature by Earl Nesbitt. Earl has been designing and building custom made fine art furniture professionally for more than 30 years. We sell Earl's fine art furniture exclusively online through this website and at juried shows throughout the United States. Our studio is open by appointment only. Call for hours. We ship Earl's custom made fine art furniture worldwide. Call or email for a quote on a custom handmade wood dining room chair.

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Earl marks notched edge of mesquite slabs for glass for a custom made live edge dining table
Earl assembles custom made chair frames, and Earl chisels tenon
Earl installs retractable doors on custom made art deco cabinet
Earl pegs tenon at end of a custom made dining table showing mortises, and Earl pegs tenon from other side showing tenons
Earl oiling custom made cherry dining table