accent chairAccent Chair
accent chairAccent Chair
What Sets This Accent Chair Apart —
This beautiful accent chair is classic custom furniture. As a dining chair it offers relaxing back support. Solid walnut frame and ash seat. Ash bent laminate slats. Hand fit mortise and tenon joinery throughout. Hand rubbed tung oil based finish. Dimensions: 19” x 22” x 52 1/2” tall. Original design with hand-carved signature on this custom furniture by Earl Nesbitt. We ship worldwide.

Earl has been designing and building custom furniture since completing an apprenticeship in 1989 to 1990. With each new piece he is constantly exploring new techniques to push the limits of solid wood design. Durability is of the utmost importance: this accent chair or dining chair is built to last for generations. This along with limited production ensures the collectibility of each piece which has his hand-carved signature and is archived to authenticate his original designs and ensure the customer's investment.

Click here to see other custom furniture designs by Earl that are ready to be shipped now. He also enjoys the process of collaborating with a client on a piece of custom furniture. Call or email for a quote on your own accent chair or dining chair.
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